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Kansas City fans trying to top Seattle’s world record stadium noise attempt


A group of Seahawks fans who want to break the record for the loudest stadium in the world are getting some serious competition from a rival group in Kansas City that wants to stake claim to the title themselves.

The group, calling itself Terrorhead Returns in homage to Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, announced its effort on a newly created Facebook page.

“We have submitted an application with Guiness (sic) World Book and will request the permission from the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL to be given a fair chance to put the record where it is truly deserved. Join in Chiefs Fans! GO CHIEFS!!!”

The Seattle group has a leg up, filing paperwork recently with the Guinness Book of World Records to break the record for “loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium.”

The Seahawks fan group will attempt to break the record when Seattle hosts the San Francisco 49ers in the home opener on Sept. 15 at CenturyLink Field.

The current record holder is the Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey. During a soccer match in 2011, the crowd reached a decibel level of 131.76.

The Seahawks say the loudest official decibel level recorded at CenturyLink field is 112 decibels.

For comparison, a leaf blower, chainsaw or rock concert measure about 115 decibels, while an ambulance or jack hammer measure around 125 decibels.

Seattle fans are ready for the Kansas City challenge.

“I’ve been to Arrowhead. It’s the 3rd loudest NFL stadium I’ve been to, behind the Kingdome and The Clink/Qwest/Seahawks Stadium. It’s about 80 percent as loud as the Clink, so don’t sweat K.C. Just make sure we break that record vs. san fransissy. Go Hawks!” wrote Kyle Mauhl on the official Facebook page for the group.

But Kansas City fans aren’t about to go down quietly.

“I gotta say it…..I’m taking this Loudest Stadium subject pretty personal!” wrote fan Nate Hall on the KC Facebook page. “There is no way in hell that Seattle has Kansas City’s number. CHIEFS FANS will scream until our lungs literally come out of our mouths! Can’t wait to rep this year in Arrowhead Stadium! I’m feeling an ear plug booth this year is necessary. Go CHIEFS!”

One of the organizers in Kansas City says a specific game has not yet been chosen, but fans are hoping it will be the Chiefs home opener against the Dallas Cowboys Sept. 15.

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