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Deputy fires, grazes man in speeding truck in Gig Harbor

A sheriff’s deputy fired at a guy he says tried to run him down in Gig Harbor Friday morning. The man in the truck is fortunate that the confrontation didn’t end right there.

It started when the deputies responded to a call about somebody inside a home that was supposedly vacant.

“And when they arrived at the scene, a car came out from the driveway at a high rate of speed and tried to run into our deputy, our deputy fired some shots and the suspect fled,” according to Pierce County Sheriff’s Detective Ed Troyer.

Several police agencies joined a chase across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. A TV helicopter camera recorded the pursuit and tracked the guy to a shed, where deputies made an arrest.

As the guy was being handcuffed, deputies made a surprising discovery.

“We found a bullet jacket, metal casing, stuck in his sweatshirt and a four-inch scrape across his back where the bullet grazed him,” said Troyer. “The suspect is lucky to be alive.”

Deputies said there was a marijuana grow operation at the home in Gig Harbor.

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