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Seattle police shoot dog after report of pitbull attack

Police officers shot a dog after reports a pitbull attacked a man in South Seattle and then four dogs began wandering the Holly Park neighborhood.

The dogs, two pitbulls, one mixed-breed dog, and a pomeranian, have been captured.

Police say someone called 911 around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday to report that
a “pitbull” had bitten a man in the arm, drawing blood, near the 35th Ave. S. and S. Morgan streets in South Seattle.

Detective Renee Witt says they don’t know how bad that man’s injuries are.

Police, animal control, and the Seattle Fire Department arrived to try to find the dogs’ owner. Firefighters called for police backup after two of the dogs began surrounding a fire engine, preventing medical teams from treating the dog bite victim.

“Apparently they sprayed one of the dogs three times (with a fire extinguisher) and it didn’t deter the dogs,” said Witt. “Another officer used pepper spray, which did absolutely nothing.”

An officer shot one of the dogs as it began charging another officer at the scene, according to police.

“All officer-involved shootings are subject to review by the Firearms Review Board,” say police. “Homicide-assault detectives will investigate the incident.”

The Seattle Animal Shelter says the three dogs have been detained pending further investigation. The bite victim told officers at the scene that the dog that was shot was the same dog that bit him.

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