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The Science Guy versus the Creation guy


How do you believe the universe was created? In a Big Bang billions of years ago or by God in six days only a few thousand years ago?

Bill Nye The Science Guy argued for the Big Bang, while Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky, argued for God in an online debate that a lot of scientists didn’t think Bill should have agreed to.

But I thought the debate brought out an important point. Because Bill Nye kept asking a fundamental question that Ken Ham never answered.

“The big thing I want from you, Mr. Ham, is, can you come up with something that you can predict? Do you have a creation model that predicts something in nature?”

Ham couldn’t answer that because it turns out that scientists who believe in the Bible don’t apply it to current experiments – they don’t try to pray a cell into cloning or pray a rocket into orbit. They only apply the Bible when it comes to explaining how the world began – not how it continues to operate today.

It’s actually too bad you can’t pray a cell into cloning; it would save a lot of research money.

But towards the end, Ken Ham came up with a question that Bill Nye couldn’t answer, “I have a mystery. You also talk about the joy of discovery, but you also say that when you die, it’s over and that’s the end of you. And if when you die it’s over and no one would remember you were here – what’s the joy of discovery anyway?”

And that, of course, is why there will always be religion. Science only attempts to describe why things happen. It doesn’t attempt to explain what it all means.

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