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Sister writes book detailing tragedy of Josh Powell’s family

Investigators combed Josh Powell's Puyallup home after he lit it on fire in Feb. 2012 with his two young sons inside. (AP Photo)

Wearing a wire to help police ensnare Josh Powell is one of the highlights in a new book written by his sister.

“A Light in Dark Places,” written by Jennifer Graves, Powell’s sister, and established writer Emily Clawson went on sale Monday.

Powell’s sister Jennifer Graves writes about the night she confronted Josh and her father, Steven Powell, about the disappearance of her sister-in-law, Susan Cox Powell, all while wearing a wire. She was chased from the house and told to never return.

Graves also talks about growing up in the Powell home, about her father’s quick temper and love of pornography. She dedicates a third of the book to Charlie and Braden Powell, who were murdered by their father in his Puyallup home in Feb. 2012.

The details in the book were inspired by the journals Graves has kept since Susan Cox Powell disappeared in Dec. 2009.

Josh Powell is suspected of killing his wife Susan and then murdering their kids in his Puyallup home several years later.

KIRO Radio’s Chris Sullivan has contributed to this report.

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