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Redmond woman living on light reveals what her first meal will be after 47 days without food

The Redmond woman attempting to live only on light announced she'll be ending her experiment on Wednesday. (Image courtesy Facebook - Naveena Shine)

The Redmond woman attempting to live only on light announced she’ll be ending her experiment on Wednesday.

Naveena Shine was trying to go 100 days living only on water and sunshine, with a little tea with milk. After 47 days, she’ll be having her first meal on Wednesday. But she tells KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show it won’t be that exciting.

“It’s going to be a glass of water with two tablespoons full of lemon and two tablespoons full of Canadian maple syrup,” says Naveena.

Naveena explains coming off a program like this can be very dangerous, so she’s returning to food with caution.
“You have to come back from this very, very slowly and you have to get your body functioning again because it’s closed down, so you have to be really careful.”

There were a couple reasons she stopped the experiment. The first was she ran out of money to keep her Internet connection going to document the process.

“It was more like I was getting the message from the fact that there was no money or support that this is not what’s needed in the world at the moment,” says Naveena.

She also hit the red line she’d set on her weight after going from 159 pounds down to 125.

While she didn’t complete the experiment, she still isn’t willing to give up on the idea that a person can live on water and sunshine. She says there are other people in the Breatharian community that claim to have lived without food for years, and she’s unwilling to admit it’s not possible.

“I don’t know. That’s why I asked the question and that’s why I did it. I think the answer to the question is out there, but I still don’t know what it is. I’m stopping before I get to that point,” says Naveena. “Other people haven’t stopped, they’ve gone on to do it themselves. You have to find them and ask them. You can’t just say it’s not possible because you believe it’s not possible.”

Naveena shared her final thoughts in a video message on her Facebook page at the conclusion of the experiment.

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