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Seattle’s celebrity ‘Bachelor’ couple takes to the air to show reality of reality TV

For Jason and Molly Mesnick, life is a far cry from the glamour of their star turn on the hit reality TV show "The Bachelor". And Seattle's celebrity couple is sharing their real lives in a new podcast. (ABC TV)

For Jason and Molly Mesnick, life is a far cry from the glamour of their star turn on the hit reality TV show “The Bachelor.”

“There’s no helicopters, there’s no fancy diamonds and dinners. It’s just a boring old husband and wife living a normal life,” laughs Molly as the Seattle couple gears up for an appearance Monday afternoon on “The Katie Couric Show.”

It’s been four years since the couple gained celebrity status after Jason proposed and got engaged to another contestant on the show before changing his mind and ultimately asking Molly to marry him instead.

Their gala wedding became a hit TV special, and the couple have regularly appeared on TV and in magazines like People. But Jason and Molly are way more than what they seem, and they want people to get to know them for who they really are.

“What you see is a very edited version of anything. I don’t care if it’s news or if it’s reality TV,” says Jason.

The couple, who recently added daughter Riley into the mix, are launching a new podcast called “This Is Reality.” It offers a much broader look at their lives and their insights on everything from relationships to business to parenting.

“The goal is to give a window into our world, which is not edited,” Molly says. “We’re able to live our normal lives, then we have these opportunities to go do things like the Katie Couric show and live this other piece of our life. So I think with this podcast it will be interesting for people to hear how we weave it all together.”

They have plenty to talk about. Jason and Molly come from vastly different backgrounds, and their differences make for a dynamic discussion, with occasional fireworks thrown in. Both have an extensive background in business. Jason is a veteran entrepreneur while Molly has been a longtime blogger, focusing on fashion and living. And they can’t wait to share a look at their lives.

“This is the whole truth, there’s not a thousand minutes on the cutting room floor. It’s all here, it’s exactly what we say, nothing’s taken out,” Jason says.

Their lives are spent far more out of the spotlight than in it these days, which is much easier in a city like Seattle where Jason laughs the most famous celebrity is TV weatherman Steve Pool.

Every trip to the Katie Couric Show is countered by countless diaper changes and trips to the grocery store, where they only occasionally get recognized.

“People will see us in the grocery store and still see us as TV characters,” Jason says.

Molly admits it can be a bit awkward at times. “‘Oh, you’re so much thinner in person. You’re so much prettier in person,’ people will say. I’m like ‘OK, thanks, I think.'”

In their first episodes, the Mesnicks take listeners inside the reality of reality TV, the struggle to look good, and the differences between men and women in the dating world.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our views on dating, relationships, all the cool stuff we get to do,” Molly says.

Their ultimate goal is to build a new media business that leverages the power of their brand and showcases their diverse skills and interests most have no idea they even have.

“People will get to see a piece of Molly and Jason. Not just Molly and Jason from The Bachelor,” Jason says. “With technology where it’s at right now, we’re ripe for having discussions in different areas. We can deliver news to any device and make it much more interesting than it’s ever been before. So we’re trying to figure out how to be a part of that.”

Listen to “This is Reality with Jason and Molly Mesnick” anytime ON DEMAND at

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