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King County Metro VanPool driver spotted towing boat

A listener took photos of a King County Metro Van Pool user towing a boat - a clear violation of Van Pool policy and a waste of your tax dollars.

A listener was not happy when they spotted a King County Metro Metro VanPool van used to tow a motor boat to a repair shop.

Our Dori Monson Show listener, who wished to remain anonymous, sent in photos taken in Ballard late last week.

“I’m wondering just how many miles this boat is being towed? And why does a metro van have a trailer hitch in the first place?” our listener asked.

Jeff Switzer, who spoke on behalf of the County, said they are investigating the issue.

He told us that VanPool drivers are volunteers that are allowed up to 40 miles of free personal use each month; they pay 60 cents per mile for anything above that. But that doesn’t include towing boats.

“We take all complaints seriously. Towing a boat with a VanPool vehicle is a clear violation of our policy and we’re investigating this violation,” he said in an email. “Also, in the application and agreement form, it says “Drivers shall not use vans for business purposes or for hire; to pull trailers, boats, etc.”

Switzer said that vehicles are equipped with two-inch trailer hitches for bike racks.

“Remember, they tell us they need to raise our taxes because they’ve cut to the bone. And yet, we’ve got Metro King County VanPool vans towing their personal boats to repair shops,” said Dori.

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