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Killer proclaims his innocence, tries to leave courtroom

A convicted killer who learned his fate Friday tried to walk out of a King County courtroom, but was stopped by security guards.

Say Keodara, 19, of Renton, was sentenced to 69 years in prison for shooting three homeless men and a woman at a bus shelter on Rainier Avenue South in September 2011. One of the victims died.

Keodara was convicted of first-degree murder, four counts of first-degree assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Prosecutors said Keodara and two other men approached the bus stop with the intention of robbing the group.

“Mr. Keodara became extremely angry when they indicated to him that they did not have any valuables to give him,” said Ian Goodhew with the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

Keodara proclaimed his innocence in court on Friday and said his two-year-old daughter would have to live with his wrongful conviction. He started to walk out of the courtroom, but was stopped short of the door.

“Jail officers contained him and kept him in custody,” Goodhew said.

Keodara has prior convictions for residential burglary, second-degree burglary, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of stolen property and escape in the third degree, Goodhew said.

The other suspects in the bus shelter attack have not been identified.

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