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Microsoft takes new shot at iPad with Siri’s help

When it comes to tablets, the iPad remains far and away the world’s top seller. But you have to give Microsoft points for continuing to bring the fight to Apple.

The company fired another shot across the bow this week with another snarky ad comparing the iPad and a Windows RT based Dell XPS 10 tablet.

The ad features the voice of Siri, the artificial interactive character that helps drive the iPhone and iPad, just like a previous competitive commercial.

The new spot has Siri apologizing for the iPad’s inability to do things like the Windows tablet. “I am sorry. I don’t zoom out like that,” she says. While the iPad can’t zoom out, the Dell does it easily, revealing the entire start screen on the tablet.

The commercial also shows a user trying to insert an SD card into an iPad, which doesn’t have any slots. “You can’t put an SD card there. Or there. Or there,” Siri chides the user.

The Dell tablet easily accepts an SD card and displays pictures from it quickly.

As for what Siri really thinks? When Chris Matyszczyk at CNET asked her, she made it clear she’s really not jumping ship for Microsoft. “There’s the iPad, and then there’s…well, nothing I guess.”

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