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Courting the Young Invincibles


The state’s health exchange, Washington Health Plan Finder, is now launching an outreach effort with the producers of the Sasquatch! Music Festival to educate music fans at concerts about the state’s new online health exchange.

President Obama has been courting young people, to get more of them to sign up for health insurance, but it’s been tough. Not enough of them are signing up.

I remember being a Young Invincible, so I understand completely why 20-somethings would post videos like this one, exposing Obamacare’s “dirty little secret.”

“A dirty little secret is that Obamacare is dependent on young people opting in to the exchanges,” says blogger Julie Borowski.

Certainly true. You need healthy young people paying premiums so sick people can be paid benefits. Of course, that’s not unique to the health care law. That’s called “insurance.”

“That means that young, relatively healthy people who rarely go to a doctor are paying for the health care costs of old people,” Borowski says. “Cause old people are always at the doctors office! Totally unfair and expensive.”

This video gave me a genius idea for motivating young people to sign up.

We should end this whole insurance rip off and just go all-out free market, as in, you either pay your own way or no health care for you.

Then when today’s 20-somethings become 60-somethings and they show up at the hospital without enough money, the friendly person at the intake desk, right before calling security to escort them to the door, can play them the video they posted 40 years earlier.

“Cause old people are always at the doctors office! Totally unfair and expensive,” the Borowski video would say as it’s replayed for her 60-year-old self.

And then post that whole encounter so that the 20-somethings of the future can see it. Now that would motivate people to sign up. With the small drawback that it would take 40 years to work.

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