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Ben & Jerry’s making Seattle-inspired ice cream flavor

Is Seattle more vanilla or chocolate? Ben & Jerry's is asking people to vote on components for a Seattle flavor. (Image courtesy Facebook - Ben & Jerry's)

What does Seattle taste like?

Seattle will be the inspiration for a new ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. The ice cream maker is coming out with signature flavors for five U.S. cities.

“Name a city and you feel a pulse that is individual to that hub. There’s a personality to each location that is distinctive unto itself. Some would say “a flavor,” said Dave Stever, Director of Marketing. “We’re going to give our fans something we’ve never given them before: a chance to mix up an ice cream as unique as that city’s own flavor.”

People can vote on the flavor components they think fit best Seattle. Leading ingredients for the Seattle flavor so far include yellow cake pieces, marshmallows, caramel, raspberries, fair-trade vanilla, cookie dough, Greek yogurt and cookies.

A few local companies are involved in the mix. Seattle’s Theo chocolate is up against yellow cake pieces for inclusion, and Caffe Vita is competing against marshmallows.

Votes are also being tallied by counts of say Seattleites in plaid vs. plain, with plaid assigned to chocolate and plain assigned to vanilla, and through in-person voting at local stops of the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck on its summer sampling tour.

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