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Steven Powell barred from Puyallup home after prison release

Convicted voyeur Steven Powell can’t move back into his Puyallup neighborhood when he gets out of prison, the Washington Department of Corrections has determined.

Powell, 62, continues serving a prison sentence at the Monroe Correctional Complex after his conviction on 14 counts of voyeurism in May of 2012. He became eligible for early release Thursday.

The Deseret News obtained a copy of Powell’s offender release plan, which showed the DOC denied his request to return to his former home because of community concerns.

Powell, the father-in-law of missing Puyallup mother Susan Cox Powell, was found guilty of photographing two young neighbor girls with a telephoto lens in their bathroom.

Powell will be required to register as a sex offender, enroll in a “state approved sexual deviancy treatment program,” get a job and approved living arrangements, and submit a DNA sample, the report says.

Once he’s released, he’ll be prohibited from having any camera or video recording equipment. He’s also banned from possessing any sexually explicit materials and can’t join any social networks. He is forbidden from having unsupervised Internet access and cannot have any contact with his victims.

Authorities in Utah ended their active investigation into Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance earlier this week. They determined Steven Powell likely had no role in her disappearance, although they believe his sons Josh and Michael both did.

Powell’s other children Alina and John Powell have lived in the home since he went to prison. His ex-wife, Terri Powell, also reportedly moved in recently, according to the Deseret News.

Powell had written in a previous letter if he can’t find a home, he might just live in his van.

If his offender release plan is not approved, Powell would remain in prison until April of 2014.

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