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Spokane restaurant offers unique reward to catch crook: pizza

A Spokane pizza shop has been hit twice by armed robbery since October. Now, the owner is offering free pies to catch the thief. (Photo courtesy Spokane Police)

A pizza shop hit twice recently by armed robbers has come up with a unique incentive to catch the crook.

“We offered a hundred free large pizzas last time. We’re offering 200 free large pizzas this time,” says Bryan Dickman, owner of Pizza Rita in Spokane. “That’s $3,000 worth of product, so if somebody knew something about this piece of trash I wish they’d tell us.”

KHQ TV reports the suspect took all the money from the till and the employees’ tip jar just before 6 p.m. on Wednesday. When one of the delivery drivers tried to chase him, the suspect turned around and pointed a gun at him.

Police used K9 units to hunt for the suspect, but were unable to find him. They have released surveillance pictures of the suspect with the hope that someone might recognize him.

Pizza Rita was hit by a similar robbery last October. That suspect also got away.

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