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New video shows tense daily life for Susan Cox Powell

You can feel the tension in a video released of Susan Cox Powell describing every item in her Utah home about 18 months before she was reported missing.

The video, taken in July, 2008, is 44 minutes long and documents all the possessions she and her husband, Josh Powell, shared. The West Valley Police Department released the video and 30,000 pages of documents in an investigation into Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance in Dec. 2009.

She walks room to room describing almost every item, including her husband’s computers, tool collection, and RC cars.

“There is a shop vac, this is all stuff bought in a year or less at Home Depot on my credit. Josh bought a lot of stuff and then he had to bankrupt it and then he bought a little bit more on my credit,” said Susan Cox Powell.

One of the couple’s sons, Charlie, can be heard rifling through items in the background. At one point, mom tells him to stop whining.

She also gives hints about Josh’s temper while going through her jewelry.

“I had necklaces too, I don’t know where those are. He got in a rage, as you can see, and broke this. There are studs, pearls, and opals in there. He broke this and threw all my DVDs and made a mess because he was angry at me a year or two back.”

Near the end of the video, Susan Cox Powell turns the camera on herself with a sigh and says, “covering all my bases, making sure if something happens to me or my family or all of us, our assets are documented. Hope everything works out and we’re all happy and live happily ever after as much that’s possible.” And then she rolls her eyes.


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