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New book features Northwest photographer’s work and lots of puppy love

Robin Layton photographed celebrities and regular folks and their pups for new book "A Letter to My Dog." (Image courtesy Facebook - Robin Layton)

Are you a fan of cute pet pics, or someone who’s looking for a way to show your pet just how much you love them? A Letter to My Dog might be for you.

“A Letter to My Dog” is both a book and a blog dedicated to dogs and the people who love them; it includes pet photos and letters from owners to their dogs.

A number of the featured pet owners in the book and online are celebrities, including stars like Michael Vartan, Oprah, and Tony Bennett.

The photographer that captured the images of celebs and their pets is North Bend photographer to the stars’ pets, Robin Layton.

Layton tells KIRO Radio’s It’s Raining Cats and Dogs show that photographing dogs is a little more laid back that photographing humans.

“They don’t care about having their hair and makeup done. They don’t care how they look, so they’re actually wonderful.”

While they are fast, and sometimes hard to keep still, Layton says she tends to just operate like a fly on the wall and capture what is going on naturally.

“I usually hang out for a little while, let the dog get used to me, and then kind of just photograph what is in front of me,” says Layton. “I like to get my insurance shots I call them, like get your standard shot of the dog looking at you, and then I try to always push it and get something different.”

The best part she says, is creating a visual representation of the love between owner and pet. “To witness the love between the owners and their dogs and to have the opportunity to capture that love was amazing.”

The book “A Letter to My Dog” is available for now. Those who are inspired by the message and movement can also participate by writing a letter to their own pet at

Listen to May 12 podcast featuring Robin Layton on It’s Raining Cats and Dogs. Listen to KIRO Radio every Sunday at 1 p.m. for more pet stories, or listen anytime ON DEMAND at

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