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Seattle’s Skillet continues growing way beyond the Airstream

New restaurants Westward and Little Gull Grocery will share this view of Lake Union in Seattle. (Image courtesy Facebook - Huxley Wallace Collective)

While it may have started as a mobile food purveyor, Skillet and its creator are growing way beyond the airstream.

Owner Josh Henderson joined KIRO Radio’s Let’s Eat to talk about some of the brick and mortar projects inspired by their rolling success.

Right now, diners can enjoy Skillet cuisine from roving trucks as well as at the Skillet Diner on Capitol Hill, and the counter at the armory at the Seattle Center.

Another permanent location is coming soon to Ballard.
“Skillet Diner is going to open in Ballard in July. It’s going to be right next to the library,” says Henderson.

There are also a couple projects Henderson is working on that will not be under the Skillet banner. These will be part of Henderson’s broader Huxley Wallace Collective, that got its name from his two sons.

“Hux is my three and half year old son and Wally is our one year old,” says Henderson. “I just thought calling it Josh Henderson Restaurant Group just sounded not cool. I think their names are great and it’s some way to keep them in my radar at all times.”

The new Huxley Wallace offering in Seattle will be called Westward, to be located on the north side of Lake Union between Ivars and Gas Works.

“It’s right on the water. It’s one of the only places that still has beach access on Lake Union, which is exciting because we’ll be able to have people in kayaks and paddle boards stop by and grab a drink.”

They’ll also be opening another shop adjacent to Westward called Little Gull Grocery.

“It’s going to be mainly an oyster bar, but we’re also going to be able to provide some sundries for some of the boaters. The idea is to have maybe some Cioppino to go or some wine and beer, some charcuterie and bread that people can grab,” says Henderson.

“The beautiful part about it is both of the restaurants open out onto this large patio that overlooks the water and there’s a big fire pit there. There’s going to be Adirondack chairs and big community tables for people to sit at and have picnics and just hang out.”

Henderson is hoping to open Westward and Little Gull Grocery in July. But there’s still one more new location coming from Henderson.

“We also have Hollywood Tavern opening probably around September out in Woodinville,” says Henderson. “That’s more of like a whiskey and cheeseburger tavern.”

It will be a busy few months for the Huxley Wallace Collective. Look for the first openings in July of Skillet Diner in Ballard, Westward and Little Gull, followed by the opening of Hollywood Tavern in Woodinville in September.

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