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Federal Way’s World Vision sending relief to Oklahoma

A warehouse in north Texas is filled with relief supplies, ready for shipment to a disaster zone. World Vision of Federal Way is already preparing to truck the stockpiled blankets, food kits, hygiene items, tarps and other essentials to tornado victims in Oklahoma.

Relief workers Tuesday began loading one of two large trucks with relief supplies stored in the Texas warehouse.

“We’ve chosen that location because we know the Midwest often gets tornadoes, often flooding and we’re relatively close to the region of the U.S. that often gets hurricanes,” said Amy Parodi, a spokeswoman for the Christian relief agency. Once that truck is emptied, the second truck will arrive with more supplies.

Parodi said a World Vision assessment team will leave soon to identify churches and other organizations in Oklahoma that will distribute the relief items.

“So, once we connect with those partners and get a sense of where we can help the most, we’ll get those supplies into those locations and get them out to the people that need them,” said Parodi, adding that World Vision is already working with corporate donors to re-stock the Texas warehouse for the next disaster.

World Vision accepts donations through its website. In a press release, the relief organization stated that in 2012, its Domestic Disaster Response team provided relief for more than 47,000 people.

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