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What WSDOT crews are doing when they close the 520 bridge

All the recent 520 bridge closures can be pretty annoying for people that regularly cross it as well as for those impacted by the added congestion on other area roadways, but a video released by the Washington Department of Transportation shows what appears to be a lot of work getting done, at least during last weekend's closure.

Seeing all that hard work can make a person feel better about the closure. Commenter ddementia2 asked WSDOT to keep making more videos.

"Totally awesome! Please keep posting these, makes me feel better about driving around the closure, lol," he said.

But another commenter was not satisfied with the video as justification for a full weekend closure. The droolfool writes:

"Why did they need to close it all weekend when it clearly only took 1:48?"

Video spotted by KIRO Radio's Dave Ross

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