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John Curley hunts ghosts at Western Washington's haunted hotel

tokelandhotelFrom spinning plates to unexplained bright lights, there've been plenty of spooky happenings at the old Tokeland Hotel during its 130 year history.

The hotel is such a popular place with the paranormal, it regularly draws ghost hunters to the old fishing lodge and restaurant 15 miles south of Westport in Southwest Washington.

But owner Scott White says he had no idea it came with some semi-permanent guests when he bought it with his wife over 20 years ago.

"When I bought it, it had been abandonded for 5 years and there was no one here," White told 97.3 KIRO FM's John Curley Show.

Listen to Ghost hunting at the Tokeland Hotel with owner Scott White

Curley has checked out the haunted happenings first hand, spending a night there when he was the host of KING 5's Evening Magazine. And while he didn't see any ghosts himself, he says a psychic convinced him something strange is happening there.

Curley says the crew brought in a psychic from Seattle and didn't tell her anything about a supposedly haunted room.

"I'm normally very skeptical," Curley recounted. "And all of a sudden she put her hand on the door of room seven and she said "oh my god," and she opened the door and it was like somebody punched her in the stomach. And she backed out of the room and she said something happened in this room."

White says his wife has seen ghosts, while he's been exposed to several strange, unexplained happenings. And he says they're not limited to the middle of the night.

"I was out one time in the middle of the day in August and one day the dining room was packed and this burley fisherman grabbed my arm and asked "is there a ghost in here?" I said why and and he said 'my plate rose up and spun around!'"

White also says another time he saw a brilliant white light on the kitchen floor he thought was just the sun shining in.

"I put my hand over it and nothing happened. As we were looking at it just faded gives me goosebumps just talking about it," White recalls.

But he says he's happy to have the haunted help. "It's a protector of the building," he says. White points to the fact the building has about 10 thousand windows, and not a single one was broken during the years it sat vacant and since.

"Kids never came near it not. Not one window broken."

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