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Watch: Men shocked to find out what labor pains really feel like

You know the old adage, women carry the babies because men can’t handle the pain.

Well, a couple of guys wanted to prove that adage wrong.

They went to visit Dr. Julie Masters, who has a special machine that simulates labor pains with small electrodes stuck to areas around the midsection.

“You’re basically going to electrocute us for an hour?” asked one of the men.

“Yes, in a very small way. Just here around your abdomen,” Masters replied.

Of course, they caught it on video. At first, Dan and Tom are able to laugh off the beginning stages of labor.

“Right now we’re going to start to stimulate early labor,” explained Masters.

“That was early labor?” asks one?

“I’ve got to remember my breathing,” replied the other.

Their wives joined them for the experiment, holding their hands and playing the role of supportive spouse that the husbands usually play in the delivery room.

It wasn’t long before the men’s scoffs turned into screams as they found themselves curled up in a fetal position enduring the full onslaught of the labor pain simulation.

As they were getting to the “active stage of labor,” one of the wives even tried to get her husband to smile for the camera as he was doubled over in pain.

So, in man terms – how does labor really feel?

“It feels like someone is taking a Sawzall and carving up my abdomen.”

Not only did the guys develop a greater appreciation for their wives, but also for their mothers.

“Mom, if anything that I just experienced is anything close like what I did to you all those years ago – then you’re a superhero. You’re one tough mama.”

I’m just wondering why no one told them they could’ve had an epidural.

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