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A Christmas poem

KIRO Radio host Dave Ross is inspired to write a little poem as Christmas arrives. (AP Photo/file)

Here it is Christmas, joy fills the air
Or is that the pot smoke? I’m not sure I care

And under the mistletoe people are kissing —
Yet I can’t help but notice that something seems… missing!

Look high and low, and then look some more,
The one thing you don’t seem to find is the War.

I woke up this morning and exclaimed to the Missus
My gosh, what became of this year’s War on Christmas?

In Christmases past it was really big news
How cities and states would always refuse

To allow a creche here, a nativity there,
That Jesus had disappeared into thin air

Charges were flying in every direction;
God had to turn to the courts for protection.

There was still one place with a loud call to arms
A website that’s called

But I scanned the site once, then I scanned it again
And the most recent update was in 2010!

So I think the war’s over, and I think Christmas won
Sure it’s religious, but it’s just too much fun.

The churches are packed, and so are the stores
The sacred and secular both are adored.

The sacred and secular, the church and the mall
Can coexist peacefully, within us all.

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