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Shawn Kemp hosting ‘Bring Our Sonics Back’ party


Former SuperSonics star Shawn Kemp says as long as Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer keep opening their wallets to get the NBA back, the least Seattle can do is party on their behalf.

Kemp is hosting a big “Bring Our Sonics Back” party in Seattle on Monday.

“What we want to is just keep the spirits up, definitely keep the motion going forward,” Kemp tells KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson.

“I think it’s important for us to keep the vibe going and let these guys know that we still support them and what they do and regardless here in Seattle we’ll have their back.”

Organizers are calling it a last shout to the NBA before the final vote regarding the Sacramento Kings potential sale to a Seattle investment group at the NBA Board of Governors meeting.

The league’s Board of Governors is scheduled to vote May 15 on whether to approve Chris Hansen’s purchase and relocation of the Kings or reject it.

Hansen increased his bid to buy the team by $75 million on Friday. Hansen’s latest offer would raise the total value of the team to $625 million. Hansen has also reportedlystruck a backup deal with the King’s current majority owner to buy a share of the team even if the NBA rejects the Seattle move.

The Maloof family said repeatedly they want the league to approve the deal with Hansen.

“I think there’s still some positive left in this and somehow, some way he’s going to get the job done,” Kemp says of Hansen’s last minute manuevering.

Kemp and the organizers of the party are hoping for a big turnout to once more show the local support for the deal.

The Bring Our Sonics Back party presented by Sonicsgate, Alive and Well, and Neumos will be held at the club on Capitol Hill and will feature Kemp and performances from musical groups including Seattle’s Blue Scholars.

“The purpose of this community focused event is to allow Sonics fans to come out and show their support in basketball returning back to Seattle one last time before the NBA makes a final decision on May 15th,” says Kayte Olsufka with Neumos.

Doors open for the free event beginning at 6 p.m. You must be 21 or older to attend.

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