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Recall election to be held for Pacific Mayor Cy Sun

A recall election for Pacific Mayor Cy Sun will be held on June 25.

There will be a recall election for the mayor of Pacific. Voters will get to decide on June 25 whether to keep Cy Sun in office.

King County Elections Thursday verified that there are enough signatures on a petition for the recall.

“Today, King County Elections verified more than 415 signatures, the minimum number of petition signatures required for the recall election of Cy Sun, mayor of Pacific,” said Sherril Huff, director of King County Elections.

King County delivered a letter to Cy Sun and the sponsor of the petition notifying them the requirements for a recall had been met and the election date would be June 25.

Sun tells KING 5 he’s run up $200,000 in legal bills defending some of his controversial decisions during his year-and-a-half in office. But he says he has no regrets.

“If I’m recalled, I think I’ll just lose that money and call it an experience,” he says.

The county says the final election results will be certified by July 9.

KIRO Radio Editor Val Stouffer contributed to this report.

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