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Woman jumps from moving car on I-405 in Kirkland

Troopers are trying to figure out why a woman jumped out of a moving car on I-405 in Kirkland Thursday morning, almost getting hit by a semi truck.

The state patrol says the woman was in a medical taxi on her way home from a doctor’s appointment.

“(The driver) was going approximately 45 miles per hour when he said suddenly he realized she had opened the door and jumped from the vehicle,” said Washington State Trooper Julie Judson.

A semi truck driver behind the taxi quickly slammed on his breaks and avoided the woman in the roadway. The driver was able to block lanes and help the woman to safety.

“He was paying attention. He saw what was going on and made that sudden maneuver,” said Judson.

She said the woman had scrapes and bruises and is lucky to be alive.

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