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We are drowning in good news

The Fed is so confident about the economy it won't have to print so much money. (AP Photo/File)

For listeners always emailing, “Why don’t you report some good news once in a while” how about this.

Good news about housing starts and unemployment, where we see housing starts break the million mark and unemployment is projected to drop to 3.6 percent.

An actual federal budget passed, and while congressional leaders admit the plan isn’t perfect – it’s going to allow us to avoid a shutdown of the government.

And the Fed is so confident about the economy it won’t have to print so much money. The fed has relieved short term interest rates at record lows, and we’re not going to see a big surge in interest rates.

It just makes you want to turn the radio up and inhale the economic euphoria – which is legal in all 50 states.

But is this really the all-clear?

According to outgoing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, “The economy is continuing to make progress, but it also has much further to travel before conditions can bud judged ‘normal.'”

And if you want proof, just go on YouTube and search for “Millennials versus Baby Boomers.”

“You raised us to believe that we were special,” says the young woman in the video.

A specialness which commands a starting salary of around $21,000.

“You insisted we all go to college, and now we’re the most educated generation in American history.”

And now they have an average debt of $23,000, and probably facing having to work until age 73 to save up enough to retire.

But if we ignore that, the news is good. Even if the kids will be using their bedroom a little longer than you expected.

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