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Seattle’s University District light rail station to open in March

Sound Transit announced that the University of Washington Light Rail Station (ULink) is set to open this spring, March 19, near Husky stadium.

Great, but can I get to the airport from my house?!

Every time we talk about the Seattle Light Rail project, that question seems to always pop up.

While some are excited, one thing you should remember &#8212 there will be no parking for people outside of the neighborhood. So unfortunately, you can forget your park-and-ride dreams. The best way to get to the new stations, University of Washington or Capitol Hill, is to walk, bike, or ride transit. New bus routes will also be added March 26 to accommodate riders &#8212 see the new routes here.

The launch day celebration will be March 19 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with music, art and community booths the stations will open at 10 a.m.

Check out the light rail route map here.

University Link is part of a light rail system that will extend about 50 miles through Central Puget Sound by the year 2023. Link light rail will run to Lynnwood in the north, Overlake in Redmond to the east and south of Sea-Tac Airport.

According to Sound Transit, “With ST3, voters in November 2016 will have the opportunity to extend light rail even farther.”

So can you get to the airport from your house?

To get that answer, put your address in the trip planner and find out here.

Seattle drivers will see lots of changes in the spring 2016, with the new University of Washington Light Rail Station (ULink) opening and the new SR 520 bridge set to open at the end of April.

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