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Chemical leak prompts Seattle community center evacuation

Seattle firefighters don hazardous materials suits to clean up a chemical spill at a SW Seattle community center, Tuesday May 7, 2013. (Seattle FD image)

Leaking pool chemicals prompted the evacuation of Seattle’s SW Community Center Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters were called to the SW Community Center at 2801 SW Thistle St after a a 300 gallon tank of sodium hypochlorite sprung a leak, according to spokesman Kyle Moore.

“We evacuated the pool, a southwest teen life center and also a neighborhood services center on that campus,” Moore said.

A number of medics responded as a precaution, but no one was injured or reported getting sick.

Firefighters clad in plastic suits and respirators cleared the tank and cleaned the spill. The pool was to remain closed Tuesday night and reopen Wednesday.

Moore says the chemicals are extremely toxic and posed a risk of lung or skin damage if anyone came into contact with them.

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