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Where to find the colleges that give you the best bang for your buck

"If you look at the schools that are on the list (for producing top wage-earners,) they're the ones that are producing engineers," says Lynn Shaugnessy, author of "The College Solution." (AP Photo/File)

The cost of tuition keeps going up.

So as a parent, or a financially conscious student, you might be wondering where to find the best education for your buck.

“Harvey Mudd College,” Lynn Shaughnessy tells Seattle’s Morning News.

Shaugnessy is the author of “The College Solution.” She said the results for her book were calculated using payscale figures, taking into account a school’s graduation rate in four years.

So why Harvey Mudd? Shaugnessy says the combination of a liberal arts degree and an engineering school, along with the self-selected group of high achievers produces strong wage-earners.

“If you look at the schools that are on the list, they’re the ones that are producing engineers,” Shaugnessy says.

Tuition at the liberal arts hybrid school in Claremont, CA will run you near $60,000 per year, but Shaugnessy says to not sweat the high price tag of Harvey Mudd or other elite universities.

“[Elite schools] are the ones that meet 100 percent of the need for financial aid,” she says. So if you’re a lower or middle class student, getting accepted could be like “winning the education lottery.”

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