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What draft day looked like once upon a time for Brock Huard


There are a lot of NFL prospects eagerly awaiting the moment when a team calls their name as the draft begins Thursday. A number of years ago, it was 710 ESPN Seattle host Brock Huard in that position.

“Do I look like a guy that was drafted 14 years ago? Do I look that old?” Brock asked Seattle’s Morning News hosts Dave Ross and Linda Thomas.

It was 14 years ago that Brock was drafted by the Seahawks. He says things were quite a bit different back then. The draft used to begin on Saturday and end on Sunday. It’s now stretched over three days, with the first round taking place on Thursday in prime time.

“I stayed up as late as I possibly could. I watched many movies, because I knew I wasn’t going to go in the first round and I just did not want to watch that. So I stayed up until three or four, slept until noon, and then watched the dollars slip away.”

Brock tells Dave and Linda he expected to be picked in the second round, No. 42 overall.

“I went out on a pre-draft trip to Baltimore and they said, ‘Hey, if we do this with our first-round pick, we’re going to take you at 42.’ Sure enough they went that way, and then we got to 42, and I’m waiting, I’m waiting, and then they traded the pick.”

After that it was just more and more waiting, but once his name was finally called, Brock says it was all worth it.

“Ultimately, you hear this from players, retrospectively they always say in the end it worked out. Because in the end, at 77, when Seattle called and I got to stay home and I got to play for Mike Holmgren, I was doing back flips.”

As for who the Seahawks will pick this year, Brock says he’s not placing any bets.

“Conventional wisdom, they’re not for that. It’s never been a part of what they do. If they want to pull the trigger and they want to make a move, and everybody else says, ‘What in the world are you doing?’ They don’t care about outside opinion,” says Brock. “They are unconventional, they go outside the herd mentality, so you just never quite know.”

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