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App of the week: ‘Drawnimal’ helps kids learn drawing and alphabet

This week's app of the week "Drawnimal" helps teach kids how to draw pictures and the alphabet. (iTunes image)

Most kids don’t need much help when it comes to drawing, but if you want to give them a head start on expanding their skills or learning the alphabet, this week’s app of the week will help.

It’s called Drawnimal. Geekwire host Todd Bishop says it’s a cool way to help kids get creative or develop their writing skills by interacting with them.

“You put it in the middle of a pad of paper and the app shows you where to draw,” Bishop explains. “For example, you draw a tail away from the tablet or phone and little ears on top, and then in the middle on the screen is the actual face of the animal and once you’re done drawing, it actually animates the animal’s face.”

The makers of the app, available for iPhone and iPad, say it “motivates the children to draw around the device and encourages them to think outside of the box.”

They say the funny animations also help motivate kids to learn the alphabet quickly by making it fun.

While Drawnimal is free, it’ll cost you $1.99 to add the alphabet. It’s also available in a number of foreign languages, including English, Spanish, French and German. Drawnimal is available only for iOS.

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