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Pooper Troopers will pick up your dog’s poop

Pooper Troopers will come to your home and pick up all that dog waste for you. (AP Photo/file)

If you’re tired of scanning the yard with a shovel, a Northwest company is offering an alternative.

Pooper Troopers will come to your home and pick up all that dog waste for you.

“What we do is we come to your house once a week and we completely get your yard clean and free of dog waste,” says Bill Walters with Pooper Troopers.

Dog waste sitting in your yard can be hazardous to the environment and your family says Pooper Troopers. Walters says dog waste contains bacteria like salmonella and E. coli that can be picked up by shoes or kids and make unsafe conditions for your family.

While some think it might be safe for dog waste to be left outside untended – think animals in the wild – Pooper Troopers Nikki Walters says the concentration of dogs in human cities and towns means more waste in a smaller area than would occur in nature.

“It is natural and there’s nothing wrong with the dogs pooping outside, the thing is you want to pick it up as soon as possible because whatever bacteria resides in dog waste can actually live on the ground up to four years,” says Nikki. “The sooner you pick it up, the better for the environment, and the sooner you’re containing all that bacteria and putting it somewhere it doesn’t affect our environment.”

Pooper Troopers also picks up dog waste from waste stations around various Puget Sound communities, and they treat and double bag the waste to keep it and its contaminants out of the environment.

To learn more about Pooper Troopers go to or call 1-888-dog-waste.

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