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‘Party Patrol’ snags 24 underage drinkers at birthday bash

As we head into prom season the Pierce County "Party Patrol" is on the lookout for underage drinkers. (AP Photo/File)

Prom season is upon us and the Pierce County “Party Patrol” is once again on the lookout for underage drinkers.

The Party Intervention Patrol arrested 24 people, aged 18 to 21, for minor in possession at an apartment in Bonney Lake on April 6.

Among those cited was a female who was hospitalized after “she was discovered semi-conscious and suffering from alcohol poisoning on the bathroom floor,” read a statement from Pierce County Community Connections.

According to Sgt. Matt Kurle with the Sumner Police Department, the teenagers were binge drinking to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

“With a beer pong table set-up on the kitchen table and party favors consisting of Everclear, orange juice and marijuana, it appears we shut this party down before anyone really got hurt,” he said.

The so-called “Party Patrol” is a multi-agency effort and consists of law enforcement, substance abuse professionals and community volunteers. It is funded by the Washington Impaired Driving Council.

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