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Tarvaris Jackson says he feels at home in Seattle

By Brady Henderson

The two-year, $8 million contract the Seahawks gave Tarvaris Jackson suggested that the team didn't necessarily see him as its long-term quarterback.

Through 13 games, Jackson has done just about everything the Seahawks could have reasonably expected from him, if not more. The torn right pectoral muscle he's played with the last seven weeks adds further merit to his performance.

Tarvaris Jackson
What does Jackson think about his future with the Seahawks?

"Honestly, I've been more focused on my injury and basically just trying to make sure that I'm able to play and get through this season and be effective and be there for my teammates and just try to get better," he told "The Kevin Calabro Show" on Thursday.

"But just looking ahead and -- not saying that I don't think about it, but it crosses my mind sometimes and I try to pretty much just stay away from it and let it take care of itself whenever it gets here. But the way things are going, like I said, I feel like I'm at home here and I feel like if I can just keep getting better and we keep getting better as a team, yeah, of course I can be that quarterback for us [who leads the team to a Super Bowl].

"But it's not my decision. I'm not a personnel guy. Not my [job] to know if they're going to go get a quarterback or they're going to keep me here or whatever. But I just want to go out and just give my best shot right now and let that part take care of itself whenever it comes."

The conversation with Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore also included Jackson's rocky tenure in Minnesota and why he feels more comfortable in Seattle, how Marshawn Lynch and Pete Carroll look throwing the football, Sunday's game against the Bears, and more.

You can listen to the conversation here.


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