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Seattle’s signature events on mind of Mayor McGinn following Boston bombings

Boston police officers keep a perimeter secure in Boston's Copley Square Tuesday, April 16, 2013 as an investigation continues into the bomb blasts at the finish area of the Boston Marathon. Seattle's mayor says he started thinking about Seattle events while he learned news of the attack. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Still reeling from the information he was learning about the terror attack in Boston on Monday, Mayor Mike McGinn began reflecting on Seattle’s own signature events.

McGinn told Seattle’s Morning News he was in a meeting with command staff when he first learned of the explosions in Boston.

“First I just [wanted] to know more, then I was just thinking about Seattle: what are the biggest events here and what we have to do to keep it safe.”

McGinn referred to the Boston Marathon as that city’s signature event. Seattle’s signature events take place over the summer. His question for the Seattle Police Department – how are they going to address security?

“I can’t give you an exact number (of people) but we do have a group that’s been working on this,” McGinn said in response to a question about Seattle’s counterterrorism efforts.

He pointed to the work that group did to prevent an attack at a Seattle military center. He also referred to Mayor Paul Schell’s canceling of the New Year’s Eve fireworks because of a perceived threat.

While such a taskforce is working in our city, McGinn said we should still be on alert. “That is the nature of this kind of act, is to be unexpected and unanticipated. We rely on the partnership of the community as well – if you see something suspicious – tell us.”

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