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You don’t have to go far before you run into a Seahawks fan in New York

Chris Sullivan has run into the Fraser family from the Lake Tapps area twice in different parts of the city. Either it's their all decked out Seahawks garb, or we're just on the same wave-length. (KIRO Radio Photo/Chris Sullivan)

New York is supposed to big one of the biggest cities in the world, right? You shouldn’t be able to run into the same people more than once and certainly not day after day.

Yet I’ve run into the Fraser family from the Lake Tapps area twice in different parts of the city. Either it’s their all decked out Seahawks garb, or we’re just on the same wave-length.

Husband Chris, wife Kim and kids Alex and Faith are soaking up this experience just like all the other Hawks fans are, though they joke with the cost of this trip, Alex and Faith are likely not going to college.

I’ve run into Dena Pikus from Kodiak, Alaska, in the Macy’s NFL shop and then again 20 blocks away the next day. Gary from Renton has been everywhere. I’ve run into him multiple times on multiple, but don’t get me wrong they aren’t the only Hawks fans in town.

The 12th Man is large and in charge in Manhattan. You can’t go a few steps without running into Hawks fans waving flags and cheering. I’ve run into them in line to take pictures with the Lombardi Trophy, waiting in line to ride the wildly-popular toboggan and kicking field goals on the NFL Boulevard on Broadway.

It’s also Blue Friday in New York and New Jersey today. There are 12th Man rallies at the Seahawks bars later in the day. Huge crowds are expected at Carlow East on the Upper East Side and Rockafella’s in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Those are the official bars for Hawks fans up until game time. They are also hosting viewing parties on Sunday.

And the Empire State Building can’t seem to make up its mind on which team to support. It was decked out in Seahawks colors early in the week. It switched to Broncos colors mid-week, and now it’s sporting a combo of both teams.

It’s hard to imagine that a town that normally features an electricity that’s off the charts has taken it to another level this week, but it’s amazing.

Just wait until Sunday.

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