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‘Catch Me If You Can’ rapper caught in California hotel

Wayne Frisby or "Mac Wayne" was arrested in a hotel in California Thursday afternoon. Police say he'll be extradited to Snohomish County. (Image via YouTube)

Police have arrested a man who’s facing a long list of charges he recently rapped about in a YouTube video.

Wayne Frisby a.k.a. “Mac Wayne” was arrested on an outstanding bail warrant for first degree robbery at the Budget Motel in San Leandro, California. The “blind rapper” from Everett was with a 23-year-old woman who was arrested for a second degree ID theft felony warrant.

Frisby has been on the run since posting bail for an armed robbery two months ago. Police say he stole a woman’s car and sliced off a chunk of her hair in the process. Frisby was carrying meth, cocaine, and heroine in his clothing.

“Mac Wayne” has reportedly sent his official response to accusations in a rap song called “Catch Me if you Can.” It was sent to The Everett Herald in an email from Everett-based Bass Rock Records.

They say the song was written by Frisby and will be his only official response. It talks about “detectives at my mama’s house” and police trying to catch “the Gingerbread Man.”

Marysville Police believe Frisby may be tied to the stabbing death of an 82-year-old man. He may also be involved in a shooting.

In the email to the Herald, the writer says Frisby will use money from an upcoming album to pay his attorneys fees and that they should be contacting the authorities sometime in the coming the weeks.

Both Frisby and the woman will be booked into jail in California and extradited to Snohomish County.

KIRO Radio’s Kim Shepard contributed to this report.

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