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A lame duck already? No, worse than that

As frustrating as everything has been for the President, it's even more frustrating for Republicans because here the anti-Obama ads are writing themselves - but he's not running. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

This has been a terrible year for the president. His poll numbers are turning negative, health care reform is in confusion, plus there was the IRS targeting of the Tea Party, the waffling on Syria, being heckled during a speech by some guy in the human backdrop.

But as frustrating as this all is for the president, it’s even more frustrating for Republicans, because here the anti-Obama ads are writing themselves – but he’s not running!

It’s got Republican Steve King of Iowa pondering how to free the nation from what he and several members of the House Judiciary committee consider to be presidential tyranny.

What to do when the courts won’t touch his executive orders, and when there’s no imminent election?

“Then the next recourse is, as Mr. Rosenkrantz said, the word that we don’t like to say in this committee, and I’m not about to utter in this particular hearing,” explained King.

The next recourse is a word we don’t like to say – a word uttered by a Mr. Rosenkrantz? How cryptic.

Well, it turns out he’s referring to Georgetown Law professor Nicholas Rosenkrantz who was testifying this week about the ways the president has been violating the Constitution, and the available remedies when that happens.

“The ultimate check on presidential lawlessness is elections and, in extreme cases, impeachment,” said Rosenkrantz.

And I thought the president’s last three years were going to be dull.

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