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Horses a new way to get home from bars in Sedro Woolley

Sedro Woolley is about to overturn a 27-year ban on riding horses, cattle, and mules on city streets. (AP Photo/file)

There’s a new way to get around in Sedro Woolley. The town is about to overturn a 27-year ban on riding horses, cattle and mules on city streets.

Sedro Woolley Police Chief Doug Wood tells KIRO Radio’s Luke Burbank Show that the ban was originally enacted because a man was making a habit of riding a small horse into town to spend a significant amount of time at the bar.

“I remember the guy. He was a very colorful character. He couldn’t drive because he lost his driver’s license, so he would ride this little short, white horse into town,” says Wood. “He’d tie it up by the Four Aces Tavern and then drink until 2 o’clock. Then he would ride it home. I have vivid memories of seeing old Scotty riding his little, white horse.”

Wood isn’t sure why people were so disturbed they felt the need to enact the law, but it’s been on the books ever since. The impetus for change at this time is a trail that local riders would love to be able to use.

“There is a trail that’s through town that’s a very nice place to ride a horse,” says Wood. After one rider was warned of a $300 fine for riding there, a group of horse lovers decided to contact the city council.

“They looked into it, called their councilman, and the wheels of government actually moved pretty quick on getting this ban lifted.”

In just a matter of days, riders will be able to go through town and ride their animals on city streets. Wood also says it’s a perfectly legal way to travel from the bars.

“As long as you can stay on top, you can ride it,” says Wood.

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