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GeekWire app of the week: College Basketball by StatSheet

This app might help you make an argument for your favorite team. (Image courtesy iTunes)

This week’s app of the week might actually help you win an argument or two during the NCAA tournament. This player’s better than this player, this team is better than this one; finally you have a tool to prove your case.

College Basketball by StatSheet provides ammo when you and a comrade come to an impasse about whose team is better.

GeekWire host Todd Bishop explains the app provides real-time stats on players and teams, and a feature called StatSmack allows you to pit team versus team and provides you a special report on why your team is better.

“What you can do with this feature is enter your favorite team and then enter the favorite team of your friend, who you happen to be sitting there drinking with or in your house with, and it gives you specific points that you can make,” says Bishop. “It goes into all these details of why your team is better than the other person’s team.”

That might cut the debate off at the pass, but Bishop warns your opponent could pull the same move on you.

“That person can then go in and enter their team and have the inverse of the argument.”

But it’s better to have your argument ready. Get your side of the case at College Basketball by StatSheet so you’re prepared for NCAA competition.

College Basketball by StatSheet is free for iPhone and Android.

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