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Admit it: You DREAD wrapping gifts


Yes, you may dread wrapping gifts. But too bad. There is no excuse for a poorly wrapped present. Because in the YouTube Age, there’s a How-To video for everything.

“We’re wrapping a homemade gift from our kitchen with paper from the kitchen – wax paper,” touts one DIY video.

“Sprucing up a brown paper bag just by adding a doily and some pretty ribbon,” suggests another video.

And if you don’t have wax paper or a brown paper bag, how about aluminum foil?

“Don’t just wad the stuff up now – I like to kind of pinch it, because that doesn’t make all those meatloaf looking shapes.”

No, you definitely don’t want the meat loaf effect.
And if you’re saying, but Dave, I don’t have wax paper, I don’t have a paper bag, and I’m not going to waste my foil – well then it’s time for old magazine.

“Here’s a pretty page with a lot of fun colors. Sometimes if it’s in the middle of the page you can pop it right out of the staples. But this one just so happens, needs to be torn out.”

So let’s get busy people – keeping in mind that you will always be up against the over-achievers.

“Last year our mom wrapped all of our presents in brown wrapping paper and then took black and white pictures of each member of our family and put them on the brown wrapping paper instead of a name tag, and I loved that,” says one woman.

And I’m sure they enjoyed those gifts – once they got past the deep feelings of inadequacy.

Which is why you need to avoid all those YouTube wrapping videos hosted by women. You need to go to a wrapping video hosted by a man.

“First of all make sure your paper covers your package,” says the man.

But there are other choices if you’re still reluctant to wrap:

– Carefully unwrap this years’s gifts, preserving the creases … and then next Christmas, shop for gifts that are the exact same size.

– Do a wholesale re-gift without unwrapping – after making sure there are no personal notes inside.

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