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Seattle Police still have drones but no plans to use them

Seattle Police still have their surveillence drones because they've been unable to return them to a vendor. (AP Photo/File)

The Seattle Police Department is anticipating some irritation as their attempts to get rid of their controversial aerial drones have so far been unsuccessful.

After a public uproar the police department promised to return the aerial surveillance technology. The city council also passed an ordinance requiring prior approval before any city agency could again buy this kind of equipment.

“This is sort of nip in the bud legislation. We don’t want to be surprised by finding out we have equipment that we really weren’t aware of,” explained Councilmember Nick Licata.

In response to Licata’s concerns, and others, SPD has released a statement saying they still have their two drones because they haven’t been able to give them back to the vendor.

The department says they have no plans to use the drones and they support the new ordinance restricting the aircraft.

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