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Who do you trust?

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives for closed-door nuclear talks at the United Nations offices in Geneva Switzerland, Friday, Nov. 8, 2013. Kerry says there is no nuclear deal yet with Iran, but he's hoping to narrow gaps during negotiations. Kerry is in Geneva for talks aimed at putting limits on Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons. Kerry says there important issues remain unresolved. (AP Photo/Martial Trezzin,Pooli)

Over the weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry helped negotiate an agreement with Iran to start reining in its nuclear program. He says it’s the first step toward ending, once and for all, Iran’s ability to build a nuclear weapon that could threaten Israel. Which you’d think would make Israel’s Prime Minister happy.

“What was concluded was not a historic agreement – it’s a historic mistake,” said a Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And not only that, Iranian officials seemed to have a different impression of what they agreed to than the Secretary of State who spoke to CBS’s Margaret Brennan.

“Iran’s foreign minister said this takes the threat of military force off the table?” asks Brennan.

“No. This is not accurate. He also said they have a right to enrich, which is also not accurate,” Kerry explained.

Iran politicians are under some pressure to spin this their way because three weeks ago, thousands of Iranians rallied at the old U.S. embassy in Tehran. They unveiled two brand-new “Death to America” songs. (It’s one of the more durable musical genres there.) But they also denounced their own President Rouhani who they don’t trust – because he’s willing to deal with our President Obama.

Because Obama has been been saying stuff like this: “I was very clear, we’re not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon.”

A statement by the way, that a lot of our people don’t trust because this is the same man who said, ‘If you like you’re, insurance you can keep it.’

So here we are with a bunch of people who don’t trust each other, trying to control nuclear weapons. What could go wrong!?

Of course, if diplomacy was about negotiating only with trustworthy people, diplomats wouldn’t have much to do, now would they?

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