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Seattle man arrested, bomb materials confiscated from home

A South Seattle man is under arrest after his landlord complained the tenant was making bombs.

King County Sheriff’s deputies confronted the man Tuesday night and sealed off the house in the 10800 block of Forest Avenue South and evacuated some nearby homes.

In the morning, explosives experts from Joint Base Lewis-McChord along with federal agents removed bomb-making materials from the house. At one point some material, deemed unstable, was detonated at the scene to protect the safety of the officers.

Experts on the scene described the material as similar to “plastique,” a soft, moldable form of explosive.

Sheriff’s sergeant Cindi West said the homeowner is not considered dangerous to others or a security threat. “The guy was actually using the material to make exploding targets so when he shot them they would explode.” The amount of material was not substantial. “It wasn’t anything that was going to take out a block,” said West.

Neighbors are still not being allowed back.

The man is jailed for investigation of manufacturing explosive devices.

Watch as Sheriff’s deputies detonate the homemade explosives (video courtesy KCSO/Cindi West):

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