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State seeks higher tolls on SR 520 bridge

A state transportation panel is proposing a 2.5 percent rate increase for tolls on the 520 bridge. (AP file)

The cost to cross the SR 520 bridge could soon be going up if a state transportation panel has its way.

The Washington State Transportation Commission on Tuesday proposed a 2.5 percent toll-rate increase for the bridge, which would go into effect July 1.

The new rate is part of the state’s plan to increase tolls by 2.5 percent per year through 2015 to help pay for construction of the new 520 bridge.

Peak tolls would increase to $3.70 for Good to Go! pass holders, and peak Pay By Mail rates would climb to $5.25.

Even with the toll increases, the state still faces a $1.4 billion shortfall for the new new $4.1 billion, six-lane Highway 520 floating bridge.

Officials are moving ahead with a plan to add tolls to I-90 to help offset the cost. A group of Mercer Island residents and leaders have launched an effort to fight it.

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