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Blind rapper wanted for violent robbery in Snohomish County

He says a bullet took his sight. Now, a man claiming to be a blind rapper is wanted for a series of violent attacks in Snohomish County.

He goes by the name “Mac Wayne” in the music world. Wayne Frisby describes himself as “the Ray Charles of rap, 100 percent blind and 100 percent raw” in a video posted online.

“Times were kind of hard, and I was on the run. I was a 17-year-old boy and I shot myself in the head with a pistol,” says Frisby as he explains his loss of sight.

Frisby was arrested last month in a bizarre armed robbery of a woman that cops say revolved around drugs. A woman told police she was called to meet up with another woman in Marysville. When the victim arrived, she got into the second woman’s car.

Frisby then allegedly opened the car door, used a knife to slice off a chunk of the woman’s hair, and threatened to do more harm if she didn’t hand over the keys to her car.

When Frisby was arrested later that night, The Herald reports he had methamphetamine, cocaine and heroine hidden in his clothing.

Frisby made bail on the robbery and drug charges, but now he has skipped town. Detectives think he may be in California and possibly headed for Las Vegas.

It could be that Frisby knew he would face serious jail time if convicted of the latest charges. He has prior convictions for drug crimes and he was arrested in January for illegal possession of a gun. He is also believed to be tied to the stabbing death of an 82-year-old Marysville man.

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