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Snohomish County jail guard busted for trading cookies for sex

A Snohomish County jail guard could be behind bars himself after allegedly trading cookies for sex with an inmate. (AP file)

A Snohomish County corrections officer faces a felony charge for allegedly giving a jail inmate homemade chocolate chip cookies in exchange for sex.

“The deputy gave her cookies after the action took place,” said Shari Ireton, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson.

Prosecutors charged Abner Canda, 58, with first-degree custodial sexual misconduct. He was put on paid administrative leave when a former 22-year-old inmate first reported she had sex with Canda at the county jail while she was behind bars between November and January. It’s illegal for guards or other law enforcement to engage in sexual activity with anyone in police custody.

Charging documents say the woman felt guilty about the sexual contact and came forward, The Everett Herald reports.

“I’m sorry. I’m trying to change and be a better person now. I’m ashamed for my actions that’s why I’m saying something,” the woman allegedly told police.

The woman first reportedly came into contact with Canda in May, when she says she willingly bared her breasts in exchange for some extra food.

Then she claims she also had sexual contact with him in November and January after a return to jail, when Canda allegedly traded her his cookies.

The Sheriff’s Office of Professional Accountability has now launched an internal investigation following the formal charge, Ireton said. Canda has been a jailer since 2007.

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