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Budget cuts could ground Blue Angels Seafair show

Federal spending cuts could ground the Blue Angels Seafair appearance. (AP Photo/file)

The mandatory federal spending cuts that took effect Friday could keep the Blue Angels from flying at Seafair in Seattle this summer.

Some shows by the U.S. Navy flight demonstration squadron have been cancelled this year. But for now, the Seafair event the first weekend in August is still on the Blue Angels’ official schedule.

Reuters reports the Blue Angels plan to cancel shows in more than two dozen cities between April and September. A number of shows have been called off already.

A spokeswoman for Seafair concedes it’s possible the Seattle show could be cancelled and that Seafair is developing plans if that happens. But Melissa Jurcan emphasizes that no official cuts to the Blue Angels schedule have been announced that would impact Seafair.

The Air Force said Friday it has cancelled the entire 2013 season for its Thunderbirds flying team, along with all public aviation support including air shows, trade shows, open houses and flyovers.

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