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Meteor strike? Your insurance will probably cover that

A circular hole in the ice of Chebarkul Lake where a meteor reportedly struck the lake near Chelyabinsk, about 1500 kilometers (930 miles) east of Moscow, Russia, Friday, Feb. 15, 2013. A meteor streaked across the sky and exploded over Russia's Ural Mountains with the power of an atomic bomb Friday, its sonic blasts shattering countless windows and injuring nearly 1,000 people. (AP Photo)

It’s something you probably never considered until now. Would my homeowners insurance cover a meteor strike?

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler says the answer is probably, “Yes.”

In a blog post, Kreidler suggests that in the unlikely event of a meteor or meteorite strike, insurance would probably cover damage to your home, car, business and yourself. He says standard policies generally cover falling objects.

And it doesn’t have to be a direct hit. Experts in Kreidler’s office suggest that insurance would cover damage to property from an object that falls nearby too.

The meteor that hit Russia early Friday injured an estimated 1,000 people and damaged several building in a city in the Ural Mountains.

Meteor hits are rare. But Kreidler found reports of an Alabama woman struck by a meteorite in 1954 and a car hit in New York in 1992.

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