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NTSB denies report on level of damage after 787 battery fire

A fire aboard a Japan Airlines 787 Dreamliner in Boston reportedly caused "significant structural damage" to the plane. (AP Photo/file)

The National Transportation Safety Board is denying a report released by CBS Monday saying that the battery fire aboard a 787 last month caused “significant structural damage” to the aircraft.

On Monday, CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson reported a source said the fire on a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 in Boston, caused enough damage that officials hadn’t decided whether to make repairs or just recover parts from the plane.

The source apparently said that the structural damage was so severe it could have separated the tail from the plane if the fire had happened during the flight.

After the report aired, the NTSB denied the accuracy of the report. CBS subsequently pulled the story. This report also appeared on, and was revised following CBS’ decision to stop use of the story.

No more details have emerged as to the accuracy of the original report.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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